Chandrapal Badshah

Managing Linux Users & SSH keys using Ansible

Today I was assigned a task to create user accounts on an EC2 instance (Ubuntu) and also add SSH public keys to the respective user account’s authorized key list. The EC2 instance would act as a gateway to access the internal network. (This is a basic setup in which the user creates an SSH tunnel to access resources on the internal network. It’s not a foolproof security solution but controls external access to some extent)

Bucket Policy for your Public S3 Bucket

Recently I came across multiple AWS S3 buckets with directory listing enabled. The content in the buckets ranged from simple images & js files to images of aadhaar ID, PAN cards, etc. Whats the reason ?Security is a non-functional requirement of business. What I have seen so far is that if a developer gets an idea, he/she will work to implement the idea without thinking much about the security of the product.