Chandrapal Badshah

Chandrapal Badshah stands at the crossroads of innovation and security, championing the realms of DevSecOps, Cloud, and Cloud-Native Security. By day, his analytical prowess is channeled into safeguarding cloud accounts against the ever-evolving landscape of threats. As night falls, his insatiable curiosity emerges, leading him on quests to uncover and address cloud vulnerabilities.

Throughout his illustrious career, Chandrapal has donned various mantles in the security domain. From shaping the future as a Product Security Engineer to pioneering breakthroughs as a Security Research Lead, he’s now laser-focused on the ever-evolving landscapes of Cloud Security and DevSecOps. His credentials are further bolstered as an AWS Certified Security professional. Beyond his day-to-day, Chandrapal has illuminated minds as a trainer at x33fcon, BSides Delhi, and as a co-trainer at BlackHat Asia. He’s also part of Defcon Cloud Village crew. His voice resonates in the community, having graced platforms like null and OWASP with his insights.