Chandrapal Badshah

Efficient way to pentest Android Chat Applications

Setting up a pentest environment for a single Android application to test its functionalities is simple. The process involves just setting up an Android emulator, installing the app, sending the traffic through a proxy tool like BurpSuite and playing with the traffic to find interesting behaviour. When it comes to setting up pentest environment for an Android chat application, the setup slightly differs. This is not the case only for chat apps but also for other apps whose functionality (like multi-user authorization) could be completely understood only when running the app in two or more devices simultaneously.

Managing Linux Users & SSH keys using Ansible

Today I was assigned a task to create user accounts on an EC2 instance (Ubuntu) and also add SSH public keys to the respective user account’s authorized key list. The EC2 instance would act as a gateway to access the internal network. (This is a basic setup in which the user creates an SSH tunnel to access resources on the internal network. It’s not a foolproof security solution but controls external access to some extent)

Bucket Policy for your Public S3 Bucket

Recently I came across multiple AWS S3 buckets with directory listing enabled. The content in the buckets ranged from simple images & js files to images of aadhaar ID, PAN cards, etc. Whats the reason ?Security is a non-functional requirement of business. What I have seen so far is that if a developer gets an idea, he/she will work to implement the idea without thinking much about the security of the product.