Day 1 - Introduction to Azure: Understanding the Cloud Landscape


Welcome to Day 1 of our journey! Today, we’re exploring Azure, Microsoft’s robust cloud platform, renowned for its comprehensive security features.

Azure is more than just about hosting and storage. Azure offers a unique blend of services tailored for various needs, from AI and analytics to security and IoT.

  • Integrated Solutions: Seamlessly connect data across Azure, Office 365, and hundreds of other services.
  • Unmatched Security: With advanced cybersecurity measures, Azure keeps your data safe. (FYI, I’ve been an AWS fan boy, but Azure has done somethings better than AWS when it comes to security.)
  • Global Scale: Access a vast network of data centers for unparalleled reach and reliability.

Azure prioritizes security at every level, offering features like:

  • Advanced threat detection: Azure Sentinel and Log Analytics keep a watchful eye on your resources, notifying you of potential threats.
  • Identity and access management: Azure Active Directory Microsoft Entra ID helps protect your data by controlling who can access it and what they can do.
  • Encryption: Keep your data confidential at rest and in transit with robust encryption options.
  • Compliance: Azure adheres to rigorous compliance standards, giving you peace of mind.

So, why embark on this #100DaysOfAzureSecurity journey with me? Because it’s not just about the cloud, it’s about harnessing its power securely.

Stay tuned for the next 99 days as we dive deeper into Azure’s security features, explore best practices, and equip you with the knowledge to build a secure cloud fortress!

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