Day 8 - Exploring Azure Compute Services: VMs, App Services, and More


Azure Compute Services offer a range of options to cater to various application needs:

Virtual Machines: Offer customizable and scalable computing environments, suitable for applications requiring full control over the operating environment.

App Services: Great for web applications, APIs, and mobile back ends, with built-in scaling and integration with various Azure services.

Azure Batch: Useful for large-scale parallel and high-performance computations, particularly in scenarios like batch processing.

Azure Functions: Best for small, event-driven tasks, allowing you to run code in response to triggers without server maintenance.

In case you have containerized your apps, then the following services might provide the necessary compute:

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Ideal for managing containerized applications, providing automated scaling and deployment.

Azure Container Instances (ACI): Provides quick and isolated execution environments for containers, without the overhead of managing VMs or clusters.

Azure Service Fabric: Microsoft’s container orchestrator for deploying and managing microservices across a cluster of machines, offering scalability and reliability for complex applications.

These services allow flexibility, scalability, and management efficiency, suitable for a variety of application requirements.

Azure Compute

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